I woke up this morning and discovered that it was not only the 13th September, but Friday 13th September.  Those who are superstitious amongst us would curl back up under the duvet and sleep the day away in hope that nothing terrible would happen.  Me, I danced out of bed and jumped in the shower with the utmost gusto in hope that something exciting would befall me today.  You see my phobia is becoming sedentary and watching day time TV (is there a name for that?).

Does that sound strange?

Well since our move and my change from full time employee to full time mum, I seem to have been absorbed into a universe where my biggest challenge is guessing how many letters the postie will deliver.  I have a mental list of things I want to do: I want to write more, Blog more, get involved in the school more, craft more.  I say more, I would just like to find the time to do some of these!!  My day is spent dropping off the little Averages at school and nursery (which is afternoons only) and cooking dinners for them all.  Oh and have I mentioned that this house takes an age to clean?!  It has left me wondering when I had time to work.

I know that we are only just into the new school term and we are only just finding our feet - making friends, getting used to our new town and environment, and establishing a routine (although it has to be said that as long as we get the eat-sleep-school thing right, we try to vary what we do as part of our lifestyle change).  Maybe I am being too hard on myself but I wish I could get a grip so that I can start doing the things I enjoy.  I now have the time and cant manage to fit it in.... and we all need time for ourselves (despite that guilt we all suffer from!) as it is good for everyone. 

I shouldn't moan, I have the house I have always dreamt of, in a place I love, and most importantly - my family - around me.  I think it is time to have another coffee, gaze out of the window at the beautiful mountains and think about how I should organise myself.  I am the worlds most organised person, so this should come easily.......

Do you suffer from periods of disorganisation in your organised life?  How do you bring it round?

*Its literal meaning is 'superstition about the number thirteen', but it's also used to refer to the specific fear of Friday the 13th. There is also the word paraskavedekatriaphobia, proposed by some as a more specific option, although this word is not yet in our dictionaries.

Flat bread recipe

View image on Twitter Flat bread recipe:

250g  Plain flour
100ml  Sour cream
50ml  Water
1  teaspoon salt
1  teaspoon pepper
1  tablespoon of herbs (whatever flavour you desire to give it)
1  tablespoon of olive oil

Kneed until combined and stretchy.  Plop in a bowl and cover until you need to cook it.  When you are ready, separate into balls (that can be cupped in your hand) and flatten out to 5mm thick.  Cook under a hot grill until they blister.  Eat whilst warm.


Tech or no tech? That is the question.

So how long could you last without all the technologies we rely on?

Apparently the Averages can do without most things as the family have discovered after their 200 mile relocation into the wilds of Wales.

Two weeks in the Averages finally have Broadband and telephone! Well it seems (as the first thing I have done is write a post) that the only thing I missed was the broadband (which incidentally is quicker here than in our last very urban location). The Averages made do with internet connection through mobiles (which admittedly could be patchy due to the 2ft thick walls on our new home.... an 18th century cottage).

So, what is different and would it always be with way?  I'm sure some of it is because the Averages are now content just to be immersing ourselves in the beautiful world we have adopted, spending countless hours admiring the view and talking to the sheep and cattle in the field next to our house.

I missed interacting with the Blogging world but I didn't miss TV (which is also now connected - no aerial reception here, just a satellite capable of landing a jumbo), the telephone (which I have vowed to make better use of now that my friends and family are a couple of hundred miles away), iPod, iPad, Andypad (Master Averages gadget). Nope not one.... but I have found myself being a Facebook fiend and addicted to Radio 2.  Perhaps I just replaced my old technologies for some new and different ones?

Could you cope with out your "essential" technologies?

Facebook, bad books?

My poor blog has suffered recently.

So much has been going on.  Our house once again is under offer so we are now playing the waiting game for the sale to go through.  This time we have decided that we shall do our move to the country rather than wait.  As such we have made the 320 mile round trip to look at houses, researched schools and most scary thing of all..... I have given my notice in at work.

I have never been without a job and now I am going to be full time mother, wife and housekeeper.  Nothing wrong with it of course, but it scares me.  So I have been looking into some flexible opportunities that will help my mind remain occupied.   But on the plus side I shall be able to do far more blogging.

Fingers crossed that it goes through this time and in a few weeks I shall be overlooking the Welsh mountains.

One of the things I set myself to do this year was to use Facebook so that when we finally did the move, I could easily keep in touch with all our friends and ex-colleagues.  funnily enough that is what Facebook is for Mrs A!!  Anyway, I have recently been reminded about the pitfalls of the whole social media thing.....

My friend is a teacher but works for the local authority as an adviser to Early Years settings.  On her Facebook profile it doesn't say where she works.  She posted a comment which said:
"Was working with a child and his mother today, doing some cookery role play.  I asked if he wanted my cherry.  His mother fell about laughing :-)"

A work colleague reported her anonymously and her boss had to talk to her.  Now, he didn't think there was anything wrong with it but had to tell her just to watch what she posts.... and to be weary of her colleagues!  She was devastated.  Mortified.  She is a professional.

I am sad that an innocent comment was seen as offensive. But it has made me weary.  It was just recently that the press tore shreds out of the Youth Police Commissioner because of Tweets - - and I would hope that nothing I have written will come back to bite me.

What's trending in the Average household?

The Average offspring are obsessed with listening to songs on YouTube.  Quite often after dinner they will request a number.  To be fair they have been introduced to these songs by Mr A and I but they now pick from this selection.  Mr A and I decided to list the top 10 songs they choose, so I thought I'd share this rather eclectic mix:

10. Ernie, the fastest milkman in the west (Benny Hill)
9. Bangers and Mash (Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren)
8. Time to Say Good Bye (Sarah Brightman and Andra Bocelli)
7. Lilly the Pink (The Scaffold)
6. Save Your Love (Renee and Renato)
5. Shaddap you face (Joe Dolce)
4. I've Got a Brand New Combine Harvester (The Wurzels)
3. JCB Song (Nizlopi)
2. Mahna Mahna (The Muppets)
And at number 1.....